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SLG Education Foundation QR Code

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The Sigma Lambda Gamma Education Foundation serves as the philanthropic entity for Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority. Founded at the University of Iowa in 1990, Sigma Lambda Gamma serves as an academic and social support network for women of Hispanic/Latina and Multicultural descent during their college years and beyond. The Foundation serves to support scholastic achievement, provide leadership training, and continue the commitment to life-long learning and service to the global community, such as: Financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate members who demonstrate academic and leadership excellence Leadership and Member Development programs sponsored by Sigma Lambda Gamma Community Outreach projects, such as the Sigma Lambda Gamma Young Women’s Leadership Program By supporting the Sigma Lambda Gamma Educational Foundation, you become an important part in the success and education of a future leader who may not be able to take advantage of educational opportunities without the support of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority and the Sigma Lambda Gamma Education Foundation.

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